The Grand Tour

Edeby Antikt & Vackert

The Grand Tour

Eklecticism is the best term to describe us today. The word itself is from the Greek language and means "selection of styles", and in its entirety create an exciting and interesting unity. Life is a journey which by time becomes a story and our interior deign becomes through time an reflection of this journey. 

When we create interiors for Edeby Antikt & Vackert we start with creating a story. The items we choose, how we mix them together and present them will in the end tell this story. 


At this point in time our story is about a man and a woman around the previous turn of the century. They are priviliged and have had the opportunity to do the Grand Tour around the world.

They are interested in the great arts and collect treasures and curiosities from their travels which are then places in their home. Their home is filled with objects and art which are inherited through generations but every now and then they will add something creative and sometimes for them even futuristic. 


We also have a small collection under the name of "Recycle, Repurpose, Refurbish" which means that we recycle material, give the object a new purpose or refurbish older pieces to make them usable again. 

We create cushions and throws out of old furcoats or pieces of fur.

We make lamps out of antique objects that previously has had another usage. We do upholstry with Vintage and new textiles, leather etc. 

We also restore antique painted furniture to their original paint or paint furniture with traditional linseed oil paint. 



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