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"The world is a book and the one who stays at home only reads one page..."

Edeby Antikt & Vackert has now left Edeby By in the Roslagen archipelago and is now constantly on the move between different shows and markets. We have no longer a store but are designating our time to fill our trunks with exciting pieces that will find a new home together with our customers. We are partly in Sweden but we also make camp in the village of Albunuelas outside Granada in Spain and in Saint Patrick´s Creek off the Potomac River outside  Washington DC.

Camp Sweden

Camp Saint Patricks Creek

Camp Albunuelas


Calender 2019

Please note that the calender is always in progress, new events are added all the time. For events that are "rained out", we try to keep up, but changes are often made late by the organizer, it is weather, what can you say...


2-3 February          Megaloppis

                                Solnahallen, Stockholm

23 February           Megaloppis

                                Westinghouse Arena, Västerås

30 Mars                 Kupolen Loppis

                               Kupolen, Linköping

12-14 April             Chartreuse & Co

                                Spring Market Days

                                Fredrick, Maryland

4-5 May                 Annmarie Antique and Flea Faire

                                Annmaries Sculpture Garden

                                Salomons Island, Maryland

18-19 May              The Vintage Source  Spring Flea market

                                Compton, Maryland

20-21 July             The Vintage Source Summer Flea Market 

                                Compton Maryland

3 August                Antikmarknad i Askersund

                               Askersund stad

19-20 October       The Vintage Source Fall Flea Market

                               Compton Maryland








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